CrossFit Session: stomping Sally workouts (plural…)

Tried doing DUs when I arrived, but my right calf is still messed up. Everything is fine, until I try to run or jump…


10 squats
Humped plank / Good plank
Hip flexor stretch
Walking lunges
Inch worms
10 squats


1 min as many as possible each of:
Jumping lunges (lunges for me)
Jumping squats (just squats for me)
Pull ups
Ring dips

So alternating a cardio move and a muscle move. Score: total reps.

I did 122, while the ones that did the “real” WOD dis between 80 and 90.


Every minute on the minute:
Power clean
Front squat
Push press
Front squat

With 10kg DBs, start on 2 reps each. Next minute 3 reps, then 4, then 5… To last man standing or complete 5 minutes.

I fell out after a full 4. Christian was last man standing!

Then, because there was still time, we did the first exercise again… This time I did an even 100 reps.

Exhausted. Met Wendy as she arrived to do the beginner’s class, can’t wait for her to graduate to real WODs! She’ll be hardcore.

CrossFit session

Hurt myself. Crap. Never, ever, keep pushing at a weight when you feel it isn’t moving and gravity agrees.

Warm up

Warmed up with finding our powerclean max. Mine: 60 kg

Then sets of 2 of deadlift at near max. Today: last 2 at 90 kg

WOD (of death)

500 metres rowing
30 burpees strict
10 reps of push jerk with 70% of powerclean max (40 kg)

Did fine up to the push jerk, and then realised way too late that there is no way I can push 40 kg above my head.