CrossFit Session: bop til you drop

(This was done yesterday, battery death on my iPhone and too knackered when I came home to sit down at the computer…)

I love the Fridays with Andrew. Bit of banter, silly jokes, great workout. Never disappoints.


Started with double unders. While Carolyn did 30, the rest of us did as many attempts as possible. I am getting quite comfortable with my DUs, what I now need to crack is breathing… Can’t find a good way to breathe calm and rhythmically while skipping! Ordered new (faster!) ropes for me and W, they are waiting at the office…

Andrew went through the important points and made us jump around without the ropes a bit:

  • Jump on the balls of your feet
  • Jump with a straight body, don’t bend at knees or ankles, don’t go “banana”, you will only slap yourself with the rope
  • Don’t look at your feet, look forwards, slightly upwards
  • Chest up, don’t collapse your chest and shoulders
  • Whip that rope around using your wrists, it needs to be fast
Best advice: get your own rope, practice to do a few every day until you crack it.


Deadlifts, Juggernaut style. 70% of 90% of 1RM, 65kg: 5x5 reps, then 22 reps.

Reverse grip for some reason feels so much more comfortable. Easier to maintain lumbar curve, more “solid feeling” in the upper body.

Then squat snatch, going for 1RM. Did a new PB, managed to do (with terrible form, admittedly) 40kg. Tried on 45kg, failed every time.

Must practice the flexibility in my shoulders, I get the bar up but I fail to get under it. Combination of fear and inflexibility, I think.


No idea what Andrew calls this, probably “TABATHA to puking point”, I am going to call it “Bop til you drop”…

Apparently he got the inspiration from this through a report he read, where athletes had been asked to row at a maximum effort for short bursts repeatedly until they puked. Nice.

With a 40kg barbell and a 24kg kettlebell, 8 rounds of:
20 seconds AMRAP push press
10 seconds rest
20 seconds AMRAP American style KB swings
10 seconds rest

Mother. Fucker. As if that wasn’t enough, on the last round of KB swings he announced that we were buying out with 1 minute AMRAP burpees… Groans all around.

Score is simply total number of reps. I did 91 reps and 15 burpees.

Really started flagging towards the end. Started out doing 9 push presses, second to last round I did 3!

That said, never used 40kg for push press in a WOD before, so I’d say that’s progress! 

Really sore in my traps already. With another session today, I’ll need some serious reat tonight and tomorrow. Not sure if it’s a good or bad thing that I have an all day Tai Chi workshop tomorrow…

One of the many reasons why #kettlebells ALWAYS are swung towards a wall. Preferably with nobody between you and said wall. #crossfit #equipment  (Taken with Instagram at Crossfit London (New Blackboard Gym))

One of the many reasons why #kettlebells ALWAYS are swung towards a wall. Preferably with nobody between you and said wall. #crossfit #equipment (Taken with Instagram at Crossfit London (New Blackboard Gym))

CrossFit session

One of Kat’s Killers.

Still in pain from Monday made it so hard.


Sand bag star run (400m).


Push or split jerk (I did push).

2x5 warmup, then:
2-2-2-2-2 with increasing weight (I did 3 sets on 30kg, 2 sets on 40kg)

Meanwhile also complete:
50 GHD back extensions
50 toes to bar (I am nailing these now but can’t kip yet)


Buy in: 15 sandbag bear complex

"Bear complex" is squat clean, thruster (lock out elbows), back squat (lock out elbows). That’s one…

For time, 5 rounds of:
10 dumbbell squat cleans (10kg each)
10 burpees
10 kb swings (16kg)

Cash out: 15 sandbag bear complex…

I did 3 rounds, then cashed out on 17:40. Not only because it was excruciatingly hard, also because the muscles in the small of my back was like little fists. Cramp galore.

Kat told me to do a few foam roll massage moves to help them relax. Worked. Will do more when home.

CrossFit session

When Andrew says that the Mondays at CrossFit London are as good or as bad as your weekend was he isn’t joking.

If you’ve been good you’ll leave energised and bouncy, if you’ve been bad you will leave with what you had for lunch on your shirt.


Air squat exercises, samson stretches, some burpees and kettlebell swings.

Then a playful WOD which obviously wasn’t today’s real WOD.

For time:
21-21 kb swings - burpees

I didn’t finish my final 9 burpees, and then we moved on to setting up for a deadlift based WOD.

In pairs, I with Debrah, we worked ourselves up to 1 RM, and then were supposed to go down to 1.25 times our body weight for the WOD.

While Debrah hit that, weighing in at considerably less than my chubby self, I found my 1 RM at 85kg. Went down to 70 for the WOD.


Jones Crawl! For time, 3 rounds of:
10 deadlifts (70kg)
25 box jumps

Killed myself and clocked in at 07:06. I’m happy with that!