CrossFit Session: stomping Sally workouts (plural…)

Tried doing DUs when I arrived, but my right calf is still messed up. Everything is fine, until I try to run or jump…


10 squats
Humped plank / Good plank
Hip flexor stretch
Walking lunges
Inch worms
10 squats


1 min as many as possible each of:
Jumping lunges (lunges for me)
Jumping squats (just squats for me)
Pull ups
Ring dips

So alternating a cardio move and a muscle move. Score: total reps.

I did 122, while the ones that did the “real” WOD dis between 80 and 90.


Every minute on the minute:
Power clean
Front squat
Push press
Front squat

With 10kg DBs, start on 2 reps each. Next minute 3 reps, then 4, then 5… To last man standing or complete 5 minutes.

I fell out after a full 4. Christian was last man standing!

Then, because there was still time, we did the first exercise again… This time I did an even 100 reps.

Exhausted. Met Wendy as she arrived to do the beginner’s class, can’t wait for her to graduate to real WODs! She’ll be hardcore.