CrossFit Session

Kat has the worst sessions. I mean that in the best possible way. Hard!


TABATA of DUs, 8 rounds (20 secs on, 10 rest).


Finding squat clean 1RM. My 1RM is 75kg. Need to get that up to 85kg as next goal.

When I do squat cleans I really feel it in my right wrist. Old injury acting up, and after a session it goes really stiff. Stretching?


In classic Kat style, a BOGOF…

First AMRAP for 7 minutes of:
5 push ups
7 KB swings
9 ring dips (used 2 red bands)

Rest 1 minute. I managed 4 rounds and up to 3 KB swings.

Then every minute on the minute for 10 minutes:
3 squat cleans 70% 1RM (50kg)
7 box jumps (green box)

That second drill I really couldn’t keep up. Had to skip two minutes in the middle and rest. So hard.

In fact, felt so much harder than usual, and after we were done I realised why. I never used a green box before, I always use the lower blue ones! Duh.

Well, from here on it’s the green box then.

Personal bests and goals

So I don’t have to keep saying the slightly embarrassing “I don’t remember…” every time an instructor asks me what my personal best is on whatever.

I’ll just keep editing this post when I set / reach a new goal / level.

Fitness Goals 2014

2013-07-22: Back to CrossFit, once a week for now, finally coming back from my shoulder injury in February. Words can’t describe how happy I am to be back in training.

2014-02-01: So since previous update above, I have been struggling with my sore right shoulder. Since December I haven’t done any weights overhead or hung from a bar. My physio is convinced it is muscle related, and mainly caused by really tight neck and chest muscles. So I am doing a ridiculous amount of stretching. My right wrist is also playing up (the ulnar bone has decided to point out from the wrist at a jaunty angle…) so I am going careful on all things related to the wrist.

2014-02-24: While shoulder is still sore, I am now slowly adding back some more weights and movement overhead. Will start experimenting with press, cleans, hand stands, push ups, ring dips, pull ups and see how it all feels. Also doing yoga once a week and bouldering once a week as time and wrist allows.

Main goal: not mess up my shoulder again, and keep up with rehab and mobility. This may sound silly, but I find it really hard to go easy on the shoulder. Staying away from adding weight, and scaling exercises like pull ups, is mentally stupidly difficult. But I shall prevail.

Also, work on shoulder and wrist health, stability and mobility, and as shoulder / wrist get better practice handstands and start reaching for the ultimate goal: L-sit to handstand.


Row 500m: 2:01

Row 1 mile: 6:39

Run 1 mile: 7:10 (outdoors), previous 7:53 (treadmill)

Run 1k: 4:08 (outdoors)

Run 10k (latest, Aug 2013, Prinsens Minne): 54:58

Strongman stuff

Farmer’s walks: 80kg each side, length of 10 Malcolm Place

Atlas stone 2 stage lift: 55kg

CrossFit Total (explanation and rules)

Latest: 238 (scaled, KB snatch instead of press due to shoulder injury)

1RMs (sometimes 3 RMs)

Back squat: 90kg

Front Squat: 82.5kg (5RM)

Strict Press: 42.5kg, previous 40kg

Push Press: 45kg

Snatch (Squat/Power/Split): 42.5kg/45kg/47.5kg

Clean: 80kg

Clean & Jerk (Push/Split): 50kg/55kg

OHS: 45kg

Deadlift: 120kg

Bench Press: 65kg (8RM)

Weighted pull up: 0kg

Turkish get-ups: 22kg right, 20 kg left dumbbell; 15kg barbell

KB Snatch: 28kg (right arm)

Max unbroken reps

Max height box jump: Green + 2x20kg plates + 2x10kg + 2x5kg

Pistols: 6 right / 4 left (on box)

Ring dips: 3

Push ups: 23

HSPU: 1 with 2 ab mats

Pull ups (all strict): 6

Kipping pull ups: 5 really ugly ones

Double unders: 53, previous 49

Toes to bar: 15

Muscle up: 0

WODs and other assorted stuff

100 double unders for time: 3:26

50 burpees for time: -

Fran: 12:35 (previous: didn’t finish under 15)

Karen: 11:50 (6kg wall ball)

Cindy: 7 rounds on 10 minutes

Nancy: 17:47 (25kg barbell)



Chelsea: 23, scaled (latest)

Annie: 09:56 (latest)

Wilmot: 16:44 (4 rounds only, latest)

Fight Gone Bad:

Filthy Fifty, strategy: 43:18 (previous: 55 mins)

Jelly Legs (Colin’s favourite): 327 reps

Dallas push up test: 3:42 (latest)

12 Days of Christmas: 41:59

Bop til you drop: 91 reps (then 15 burpees buyout)

CrossFit session - lots of skill required…

Performance wise worst session in a while.

Skills wise the most interesting.

Focus on weightlifting moves. Amazed at how much flexibility in arms, shoulders, sides, and hips are required. I have a new respect for power lifters!

Doing my first ever Fran yesterday didn’t help. So stiff. Right wrist still painful, but as I get warmed up it recedes.

Warm up

Name game with medicine balls of increasing weight. Before each throw, at which you have to get the receivers name right, 1-3 squat cleans with thruster.

Failed name, failed move, failed catch: 2 burpees punishment! Great game.

Skills practice

3 stations: Squat snatch, Squat clean, Split jerk.

5 minute on each, rotating through all moves broken down in three parts. 50 % 1RM (1 rep max).


Weightlifting 4 fitness!

3 rounds of 3 reps of:
Squat snatch
Squat clean
Split jerk

60% to 70% 1RM, switching weights before each move… Tiring!

I did the moves at 25kg, 40kg, 20kg (bar only…) respectively.

Even though weight was so little, due to me being so unfamiliar with each move, I’m still exhausted.

Personal progress goal: 2 sessions properly completed 2 days in a row! Go me.