Time to start getting in running shape for Prinsens Minne.


Double unders for two minutes. Not doing well on them, not sure why.


1km row, 4 minutes flat.

5km run, 28:19. Quite happy with that! Haven’t run that far in one go in… I don’t even know when I last did. Looks like CrossFit indeed contributes to running stamina.

Focused on keeping my form, making sure to stay on the balls of my feet (heels only touching the ground lightly, like when skipping rope), and “falling forward”. Definitely feels like a more efficient way of running. Hard to keep up as fatigue starts setting in though.


Worth noting that my shoulder definitely is on the mend. After the run I grabbed a PVC pipe and tried doing a few overhead squats. Stiff in the shoulder, but no pain whatsoever.

The only thing that now hurts is raising my hands straight above my head, so pull ups and shoulder press is off the table for a while still.